Commodity & Derivatives Market (2 Full days /30 Days- Regular 1 hour)
  • Introduction of Commodity Market & Derivatives Market.
  • Future Trading, Margin & Market to Market Margin.
  • Open Interest, Roll Over, Pricing of Option, Put Call Ratio.
  • Arbitrage, Hedging, Premium Structure, Technical & Fundamentals of currency Market.
  • Options : Pricing Of Option, Intrinsic Value, Time Value, Volatile Value, Strike Price, Break Even Price, Option Writing, Exercise Of Option, American Option, European Option, Option Strategies : Long Straddle, Long Strangle, Covered Call, Covered Put, Bull Call Spread, Bear Put Spread, Married Call, Married Put, Spinning Stock.
  • Break-even Point, Option Writing, Exercise of Option, Settlement in Currency & F&O.
  • Type of Strategy in Currency Market, Future & Options Market.
  • Commodity: Introduction of Commodity Products.
  • Commodity Market :

    Introduction Of Commodity Products & Market, Trading & Settlement, Delivery Mechanism, Fundamental Study Of Commodity, Case Study Of Gold , Silver, Copper , Crude Oil , Zink, Lead, & Agriculture Commodity

    • Introduction Of Spot Exchange , Trading & Delivery Of E- Series Commodity
    • Global & Indian Commodity Market, Roll of Government & Commodity Exchange.
    • Trading & Settlement, Delivery Mechanism, Supply & Demand of Commodity.
    • Fundamental & Technical Analysis of Gold, Silver & Crude Oil.
    Course Languages: Mix Of Marathi, Hindi & English.
    Course Fee: Inclusive Of Printed Note & Presentation CD.
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